The Experience Research Team Hits the Field.


A few months ago, during a Partio, the UX and Design team decided to do some guerrilla research. Here we are in our new lab coats.  Mine says “Hypothesist” – a title that Urban Dictionary thinks is real.

We got some great qualitative data watching our colleagues shopping on the and sites using their phones!  Those sessions generated some ideas that have helped the team make it easier to shop mobile on all of our brand sites.  Cost to us…. some discount lab coats.

Thoughts on my transition from Enterprise Application to eCommerce UX

Recovering from a raging case of Writer’s Block and the aftermath of a Spring Fever attack that left me dazed and confused – smack in the middle of a SWEET eCommerce gig with one of my all time favorite brands,  I’m just going to start writing and see what happens.

In no particular order, here are some of my impressions after 2 months:

  • MORE vendor pitches.  Seriously.  I felt really popular after the first few weeks the LinkedIn update outed me.  Seems like everyone wanted to congratulate me on my new gig and get a meeting to tell me about their “how to get people to convert” product.
  • We really care about behavioral data — and can get it.  Re-introduced to Adobe Site Catalyst — the last time I used this product it was called Omniture.  The great news is that OMG, we have an expert implementation and a dedicated analyst who can get me reports to answer most of my behavioral data questions. I spend every Monday morning updating UX Scorecards.  This feels like pure luxury.
  • Personas and Marketing Targets are often confused.  Yup. I pulled out a few old “what are personas” decks and am educating.  I’m currently working on a set of proto personas based on NNG’s eCommerce Shoppers research. I’ve been using those personas to design usability tests.
  • Everything IS delightful.  I almost cried with joy during the first design review I got to sit in.  Looking at page comps full of beautiful boots …. captivated by the lovely photography and attention to the call to action verbiage… it was amazing having just come from the land of microchip bill of materials management.  I remember being a conference listening to UXrs talk about how they wanted to “delight users”.  I’d just roll my eyes thinking, “I just want to make it not suck so bad”
  • But, we still are totally focused on page level design.  End-to-end scenario?  What the heck is that?  Context of use?  I just want to see what it is going to “look like” on my phone.   I had a meeting with my boss yesterday where I showed him that I spent a day mocking up the find product to order confirm task in Balsamiq so I’d have a set of templates to work off of to make improvements.   When I showed him the inconsistencies from page to page in black and white, his eyes bugged out of his head.
  • Everyone is a brand ambassador.  I had to start going to the gym.  And wearing mascara.  And I get to shop!
Who wore them best?

Who wore them best?