Call Me "MacGyver"

I’ve been looking for a good way to unobtrusively video people using the mobile device while they are in my “lab” — any conference room I can grab.   I still haven’t come up with a sexy way to keep from hovering over users with a camera when I am out on the docks,  but I am proud of this rig I came up with.   What you see in this image LOOKS like an ordinary goose-neck desk lamp, but is actually a stealth camera.
I got the idea from Kelly Goto’s site, and made some tweaks using an old Logitech notebook camera I had in a box somewhere.  The cool thing is that I am a little compulsive about saving packaging, so I had the plastic shrink wrap cover to use as a holder for the lamp screws.  NB:  Put the camera on upside down.  That way when the jig is swiveled over, the device is recorded upright.

Lately I have been using Camtasia Studio 6 on my teeny little HP Mini running XP for a super portable testing rig.  I can set this up in a conference room in about 10 minutes. It has been very agile….

The best part about this setup is that I don’t have to hover over the test participant with my video camera. We can sit and have a conversation, and they don’t even notice the camera recording what they are doing. The main thing that needs to be improved is the quality of the video.  I wish I had a better camera; this one is OLD and slow — but it fit perfectly into the desk lamp I confiscated from my husband.See for yourself in this video clip from a recent session.  I am not going to lie — this is 14 minutes long report out — barely edited and super geeky.  Not for the easily bored — but if you watch a minute or two, you will get the idea. NB: Click on the picture to go to the Vimeo movie.

Vimeo Movie of UX Session on Handheld

Vimeo Movie of UX Session on Handheld

Mobile Device UX Session from Julie Booth on Vimeo.

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