Yellow means caution….

It is amazing how a seemingly little thing can have such a big impact on a design.  Take for example, the difference between “yellow” and “lt. yellow”  (default colors we must use for our UI).

“Yellow” is close to :  FFFF00  and  “LT Yellow” is close to: FFFFBE  if you want to check them at a really cool site :   This all started with the need to “zebra-stripe” a table in a handheld UI to make it easier to discern a list of data.    I looked at the colors available and suggested that we use “lt yellow” since it was the most subtle of the colors — I just wanted a slight hint of something to make it easier to see another line.   Somewhere, someone – before testing — decided that “lt yellow” was way too subtle “you can hardly see it!! Users won’t be able to”  — so we tried “yellow” instead.

Watch what happened here: ( it’s short)

“Yellow” was too much.  It was misread as a highlight — something to pay special attention to, rather than just a background color.

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  1. Wow, Excellent report out.


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