Ten Web Analytics Strategy Questions

I have received some questions from folks about how to work with stakeholders to get a conversation started about implementing Web Analytics.  Some time ago, consulting for an agency that routinely provides Google Analytics implementation to all their client’s website and web application projects – I came up with a list of ten critical questions that should be answered at the start of any project.

This list is good because it is short, will get you started on crafting a strategy, and you can send it out with your Account Managers to slip in during early discovery meetings — often before they want to invite you to the party. Every time I have asked these questions — even stakeholders who think they are “doing analytics” or “don’t need them” walk away thinking “wow — there are a lot of good questions here that I haven’t considered in this context.”

These questions are divided up in categories that can be associated with a business question worksheet that will drive your web analytics dashboard strategy later.

Business Objectives

1. What are the current business objectives of your web site? (How does your web site contribute to your business?

2. How are you currently measuring the success of your web site (i.e., KPIs, scorecards, etc.)? Are you currently collecting measurements on your site?
If so, what is being collected? May we see samples?

3. What is your team measured on? How do you know when you are successful?


4. What do visitors on your site need to accomplish for the site to contribute to the business?

Later : list and prioritize each OUTCOME and map to overall business objectives.


5. How do people find your web site now?
If it doesn’t exist, is there an existing plan to promote it and drive traffic to it?

6. What types of media do you currently use in your current web site marketing program (i.e., paid search, organic search, e-mail, online advertising, online lead-gen providers, outdoor (billboards), print, radio, PR, etc.)?

Please describe what media(s) you use and how each is measured Are there any new initiatives that you are launching that we  should consider?


7. What do you know about what visitors do on your site?

Prompt them here by asking questions like : a. What content do visitors look at on your site?,
b.What is your ratio of new to repeat visitors? c. What is your conversion rate? d. How much time do people spend on your site? What else would you like to know?


8. What do you think  it means when visitors are ” engaged” on  your site?

9.  Are visitors successfully participating in activities that are important to your business success?

10.  What do you know about how satisfied visitors are with their web site experience?


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  1. […] When working with agencies — as a third party independent consultant or part of an internal “web analytics team, here is what we did during each of the phases: 1. During Discovery, we worked with the client and the internal team to understand what business questions they will want to have answered, what users need to do so the project will be a success, how they will measure that success. 2. When Requirements were being defined,  we worked with the client and the internal team to document how to get the measurements needed to answer the business questions about user interaction with the thing that is being developed. 3. During Design  we collaborated with with the client and the internal team to plan and communicate the  reporting  dashboard (s) internal and external to the web analytics tool of choice. 4. During Development we worked with the developers to specify custom tagging and tool configuration.  QA during this time  validated that  that we were capturing the right metrics and reporting them appropriately 5. Once Deployed, we collected data, reported it in a consumable format, and importantly,  analyzed that data and made actionable recommendations. In t his post,  I am going to give you a few internal docs we used. 1. Discovery Questionnaire: See my post on 10 Web Analytics Strategy Questions […]


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