Agile Grrrls Rock….plus top 200 blogs

   Yesterday I found that  I was listed in agilescout’s “Top Women in Agile Thought Leadership.”    I was completely surprised, and quite honored to be amongst the women who are sharing their experience, strength … and success working with Agile software development teams.    I stayed up too late last night surfing their blogs and “instapapering” a bunch of stuff to read in a few weeks when I am on the road again.

For those of you who are interested in Agile, here is something totally awesome!  Peter Saddington,  put together a list of the top 200 Agile blogs (UXSuccess was #158 when he posted in June)

I didn’t see much UX love represented in that list….  Surprised not to see Jeff Patton’s seminal work in UX Agile Product Design  ….

Interesting project … not only in culling blog feeds, but in how the list was computed.  (the web and social media analytics geek in me is fascinated)

I am cutting and pasting straight from his article, but go there to see the list yourself:


  1. 864 blogs were reviewed in a preliminary screening to determine if their statistics are competitive enough to be ranked.
  2. 383 blogs were selected to be ranked.
  3. Data was collected for each blog from all 7 measured criteria (Alexa Rank, Compete Visitors, Google PageRank, Google Reader Subscribers, Yahoo Inlinks, Twitter Follower Count, Klout Score).
  4. For each of the 7 measured criteria, each blog is ranked in comparison to all other blogs being evaluated.
  5. A composite rank for each blog is determined by averaging each blogs ranking from the 7 measured criteria + partial Power 150 Weighting + social media influence mapping.
  6. The top 200 blogs are published.  

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