About jb


Hi, my name is Julie Booth — “jb” to my friends.

My most recent resume is here:  Julie Booth

My core beliefs about user experience stem from my observations that your business is successful when the people who use your products are successful.  So, I am passionate about facilitating useful and usable product experiences for people.

I bring strategic thinking, creative problem solving and natural leadership to the table. I have a deep understanding of how products are built and released. I thrive on designing and delivering for the best user experience possible.  I love to take a “LeanUX”  approach to problem solving  — that is an experimental approach to getting to the best design solution:

  1. Form a hypothesis
  2. Design a test
  3. Gather data
  4. Respond by pivoting or perservering

Some of my skills include:

•UX (research, personas, context scenarios, prototyping, interaction design, information architecture, usability testing)

• PO (user stories, product back-log, product vision, release burn-down, MVP and MFF prioritization, acceptance criteria)

Since 1998, when I left my first career as a theatrical designer and college professor ,  I’ve had the opportunity to research users and design great product experiences for many brands.  In these past years, I’ve learned a bunch about what goals people have when they are trying to get their jobs done efficiently, solve problems, or communicate more effectively.  I’ve witnessed business pain and struggle trying to sell products that are not useful.  I’ve  observed people struggling with products that they are compelled to use to get their jobs done.  I’ve experienced those pains and frustrations personally.

My mission is to help make users feel successful as they meet their goals using products designed by businesses.  I hope to help businesses shift their thinking to a user centered model for product design.  I love to work together with an agile team to deliver great products!