Notes from the Field – User Research Session

“The Story You Are About To See Is True.

The Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Innocent”

These were the opening words of every episode of the series “Dragnet”.

I loved  loved loved to watch “Dragnet” when I was a little girl.

But it was on past my bedtime.

Going into the last commercial, the announcer would always say “The results of this case in just a moment”.  Sometimes I would sit on the staircase landing, watching the TV  over my parents shoulders while I was supposed to be asleep.  I would be tingling in anticipation — waiting to see the results before my folks would catch me and order me to bed. Read More

We don’t need no stinkin’ requirements….

The therapy tent at #occupyPDX looks like a good place for stakeholder interviews….

Pressed to explain that context scenarios don’t just come out of thin air — I put together a list of questions we need to have answered before we can write some narratives about users solving their problems….

So pull up a chair with your favorite stakeholder and start digging in….. Read More

UX Lab Rats – Establishing a UX Revolving Door Practice with Customers

When I joined Tripwire a year ago to “do User Experience (a.k.a.UX)” — literally right off the road from designing mobile freight logistics management tools for truck drivers,  I knew I’d be jumping into something different and challenging.  But I really  had no idea.     What I did not fully realize,  is that in the IT security and compliance business there is not just  “lots of data to make sense of “.    Oh, no….. there is a constant broadcast of sound and fury in the form of event logs that may or may not signify something, plus a ton-and-a-half of  other STUFF – devices, platforms, applications, policies, owners, geographies, compliance requirements *phew* – that administrators have to keep track of.  No wonder, that people who are responsible for controlling the security of their IT infrastructure can get totally hassled and overwhelmed.

Really Sweet UX Lab Rat Shirt

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