How to use User Personas and the Context Scenario to get to MVP (for Lean Start-up)

The Tellagence Persona Family. We have five, but are focusing only on one for our MVP launch. (Also seen on these walls next to our Proto-Persons are a Product Design Brief, Design Principles Poster — lightweight tools that we use to keep us focused on the core UX design perspective as we are making feature and functional implementation decisions.

Being part of a five-person startup is something pretty swell.  I’m feeling a lot like I did just out of grad school in 1991 — energized, caffeinated, and ready to go!   Totally digging being the captain of my own UX team (of one) — designing the experience for a product that we believe will be really helpful for people trying to make some sense of social media marketing channels.

OK, that’s a lie, I’m really not a team of one. We, here, are five people who “get” that:

1. UX is super awesome.
2. We need it to build a great product
3. We can make that happen in an agile way and as a team.
4. To do it, we need lightweight tools and the ability to flex.

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and so on…and so on….and so on…..musings about being connected

So last night I finally finished a book I started when I joined Tellagence to work on this new product.

Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives

I bought it because I am working on designing the user experience for a product that will help people visualize the structure of a social network community having conversation in the context they care about.

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UX into Scrum – Lean and Mean

UX Necessity. A bouncy ball for sitting and drawing.

A few weeks ago, I joined Tellagence as the Director of User Experience.  I am humbled by Matt’s willingness to hire me as one of 5 people charged with getting a product out to demo in four months.

UX Must-Have.  A bouncy ball for sitting and drawing.

Also essential to the UX process — a big bouncy ball for generating energy while writing context scenarios and drawing… not recommended for use during User Sessions

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