Minty Goodness of Automation

Automating Security Monitoring is Minty DeliciousThis is the month where we are intentionally  thankful,  and I am thankful for our customers who enthusiastically host UX visits to their place of work.  It’s a privilege to be out in the field learning from people who have to effectively manage their organization’s security and regulatory policies across their network environments.  Retrospective analysis of what goes into translating high level corporate policies into a something workable set of benchmarks and tests reveals to me what you already know — it is no easy task.There is a need for a better way to manage security policies in dynamic networks.   Managing security configurations in networks that span multiple business units, multinational organizations, and multiple administrators is a pain. Read More

We don’t need no stinkin’ requirements….

The therapy tent at #occupyPDX looks like a good place for stakeholder interviews….

Pressed to explain that context scenarios don’t just come out of thin air — I put together a list of questions we need to have answered before we can write some narratives about users solving their problems….

So pull up a chair with your favorite stakeholder and start digging in….. Read More

UX Research Trip Part 2: Participatory Sketching With a User: Pencast

Raw Notes from a Participatory Design Session Using LiveScribe

This is a real quick post before I run out to a ride along in a big truck.  A bunch of people have asked me about the magic of the Livescribe pen for UX.  Here is a “pencast” of a participatory sketch session with an end user done right out in the field with them.
Note:  This is not a finished deliverable.  This is a working tool I have been using to capture user input during the design process.    This is one session from a number I used to put together wireframes that we are getting ready to test.
Best viewed by clicking on the orange “full screen” arrow and then rotated.
I will write some notes on this later.