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The final Product : Tellagence  Marketing Demo – 

Tellagence is a start-up company that needed a beta product experience that could be offered to selected customers so that the company could attract investors.   I joined the team as the Director of User Experience as one of five other company members.

Our goal was to build a marketable product from one that existed as an data analysis algorithm that feed manually generated graphs delivered in PowerPoint.  We had four months.

Poster 1

User Experience Poster

As the user experience lead in a “Lean Start Up – Team of One” situation, I got the team rallied around User Centered Design.

The first order of business was to do some fast conceptual work that would get everyone in the company socialized around what we knew about potential  buyers and end users.   Using anecdotal knowledge, market research and light field study, I led an exercise in “Proto-Persona” development.

From there, we wrote context scenarios that described these people solving their problems. 

Paper and pen prototypes were the foundation for the interactive mockups we tested with people who were likely to buy and use the product.

Working on the way to Maui.

Working on the way to Maui.

Colored Pencil Sketch

Colored Pencil Sketch

Once we had pencil sketches describing a framework that we thought was usable, I used my favorite mock-up tool to prototype the application.  I did field testing with people who might buy and use the product.

This is a video of one of those exploratory sessions:

We went straight to code from wires.  I paired with the UI developer to get  CSS styles in place to handle the visual design.

Link to full Wireframes : 02 Aug 2012 Complete Click Thru.


I worked with a visual designer to give us some framework for CSS styling.

To summarize, the main problem we needed to solve was to create something  that not only could be used by the marketers who were our target users, but would allow Tellagence to demonstrate a story to investors.

For this reason, I designed a modular experience in a responsive framework  that would work on mobile device or desktop.  The metaphor we used was “creating a map of your social network” and employed some “Risk” like gaming to show people how they could gain impact in a community of people having conversations on Twitter.

The exercise of visually designing the map  was one of the most interesting design challenges I have had!  Here are some actual product screenshot of an idea to realized product in five months!


These are the people Stella influences. They are already influenced by her…. they relate to the Tellagence T. The goal is to convert more people to blue.


The orange dots represent targets. These are the people I should be working to make relationship with. The yellow represents the potential spread of my influence if I make the orange people mine….. PS I am the black dot.


When Stella selects a target, she can see information that helps her build relationship. (Actual product screen shot)


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